Statiflo Static Mixers, Channel Mixers and Motionless Mixing Technology

Statiflo Static Mixers, Channel Mixers and Motionless Mixing Technology

The Innovative Gas Dispersion System:
Custom Designed, Engineered and Built

The Statiflo Gas Dispersion System (GDS) is a totally new concept for simultaneous mixing and mass transfer.

The Statiflo GDS is designed to overcome the difficulties associated with the use of a single static mixer. The system uses two different mixers, the first, in a sidestream, to form small gas bubbles and the second, in the main line to provide contact time and efficient mass transfer. As the gas bubbles are formed in a constant velocity sidestream, the gas bubble size is constant and independent of any variations in the main liquid flow.

Statiflo Gas Dispersion System Diagram GDS-470

Typical applications:

  • Aeration of drinking water for iron, manganese and carbon dioxide removal
  • Ozonation of drinking water and waste water
  • Carbonation of mineral water
  • BOD and COD reduction
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